How does WeChat marketing work

Thanks to its sheer reach, WeChat marketing has been embraced by increasing number of companies recognizing platform’s enormous marketing potential. Tencent, WeChat developer, offers two main types of official accounts for marketing purposes called Subscription and Service WeChat account. They differ primarily in functionality and integration capabilities and can be suitable for different purposes.

Subscription account allows more frequent messaging to subscribers than Service account does. This may be more suitable to a content-based WeChat marketing strategy. On the other hand, Service accounts allow much more advanced functionality with integration of external resources and ecommerce capabilities.

We Lookit will consult you on the best WeChat marketing strategy and help you to setup and manage this highly effective channel. We also work with so called WeChat KOLs (key opinion leaders) that can help you to promote your brand far beyond your existing followers base.

WeChat marketing potential

Companies can use WeChat marketing in several ways: from broadcasting messages to followers with the information on the latest offers and upcoming events, to using it as a customer and service support channel. Hundreds of thousands of companies in China now have their own dedicated WeChat APP channel allowing them not only to stay close to their customers but also to learn their behavior.

According to the recent figures, WeChat network has more users than any of the existing social media platforms in China. It is the most used smartphone app but it has become much more than a chat service. In fact, WeChat has evolved into entire ecosystem of extensions that work within its platform: from taxi booking app and e-wallet, to online store and investment service.

On top of that, for certain type of accounts, WeChat app comes with its own ecommerce capabilities, giving merchants an opportunity to sell their products directly to mobile users.