How do we advertise online

An official Website

In order to increase your brand credibility and visibility online, to have a website in China is essential.

Above all, to avoid the problem of accessibility to your website, we take care of the migration and the translation of it. We help brands for the web design and the management of their website. From the Development to the Promotion, we help to generate quality traffic and work on the brand’s e-reputation. This includes writing quality contents in mandarin for and promoting on strategic digital platforms.

Many consumers will discover brands and websites via social media platforms such as forums, Weibo, WeChat, etc.

Analysis Competitor

Understanding how your competitors incorporate strategies in their branding is important to growing your online presence. By examining what your competitors have done with their own brands, you can create unique strategies that will position you for success and help you to reach niche audiences. Analyzing leaders in your industry can also shed light on innovative branding tactics and practices your business can replicate with a reasonable marketing budget.


With a passion for number crunching and analyzing, our specialists help brands decrypt consumers, provide measurable results and offer solid advice on how best to engage with the brand’s audiences.

Writing content

People prefer companies that have personality and a human voice in their writing. Regardless of whether your business is B2C or B2B, developing and maintaining a consistent brand voice across all facets of your digital marketing strategy is essential to building long-lasting relationships that will maximize customer lifetime value. (Baidu, Sogou, Haosou)

Keyword survey

Keyword Mining is the process of finding relevant content keywords specific to an individual client’s business needs and objectives and may contain a list of reference keywords. Keyword mining therefore is about finding keywords that describe the content. It is very important to get the correct keywords before even looking at the design and layout of a website.


75% of internet users intend to make purchase when using search engines through their PCs and mobiles. We help brands leverage this potential by employing the best Search Engine Optimization practices to boost organic traffic and visibility on all major search engines in China

We are Result Oriented Digital Marketing Agency in China

PR Agency

Marketing Agency has years of experience in managing Press Releases in China to bring the information of our customer to our customer’s customer.

In China, we mainly do DPR because it spreads faster, wider and is more cost-efficient.
Our Service is very suitable for customers who want to :

Increase the popularity
Do personal Branding
Reputation Crisis communication

Chinese Branding Solutions

we provide a flexible Chinese branding service to suit your unique needs. Whether you need a localised logo or a targeted and bespoke Chinese brand, we will ensure that your completed brand is designed and created with your target Chinese audience in mind.

Our team has the knowledge to choose the right Chinese names, colours, shapes, images and typography for your unique business and target audience. Don’t make an expensive mistake and assume you can simply translate your Western brand into Chinese; it rarely works!

Our Chinese Branding solution can:

  1. Add value to your products and services
    A strong brand inevitably means stronger sales. Chinese customers love quality Western brands and will pay a premium for them.
  2. Assist with Chinese audience engagement
    We know exactly how to share your branded messages with your Chinese customers – from storytelling through to the creation of gamification campaigns on social media.
  3. Competitor differentiation
    With our service, your Chinese brand will capture all necessary USPs for expert positioning in this lucrative and sophisticated market.
  4. Increase your brand recognition in China
    Your Chinese brand name will help you to create a Chinese presence, consolidate your position and grow sustainably for the longer-term.
  5. Benefit your long-term business strategy in China
    If you’re serious about building sales in China, our branding service will help to create that vital and sustainable foundation for your digital marketing efforts.